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Air transport is a competitive market. You find hereunder a selection of specialized sites that compare prices from different airlines and give you the opportunity to book online the best deals, with instant confirmation. All of them are reliable, high quality travel sites. Visit a few of them and get the best deals. Prices include airport charges and taxes. In the European Union, quoted airfares must legally include airport charges and taxes. Getting the cheapest air tickets is not merely a matter of website. You also had better book early and be flexible. Read more tips: click here.

As for flexibility, you would be well advised to use the search option "See calendar of lowest fares" of Matrix Airfare Search (ITA) since this non-commercial site enables you to find the cheapest price in a 30-day period.

If you want to fly with a low-cost airline (also known as no-frills airline), keep in mind that such an airline usually charges you for many additional services including luggage, food, check in, seat reservation, and more. Skyscanner includes low cost airlines in the search results while Opodo has a dedicated search option for those “cheap flights”.

However, those no-frills airlines as well as the charter airlines (which serve many holiday destinations) are not or not properly included in most travel sites. In such a case, you may want to visit directly the web site of that low cost carrier. Be aware also that low cost airlines sometimes fly to 
airports that are far away from city center.

Since low cost airlines are very successful, some other airlines start charging also services such as luggage. That is why Expedia and Ebookers provide you with information on this matter (see "luggage fee information" along any flight details at Expedia and "airline fees" at Ebookers).

Some of the sites hereunder quote prices in US Dollars while the other ones do so in British Pounds or in Euros. A few sites allow you to choose the currency or they fix the currency according to your own localization. Anyway, payments are always made in your own currency at the current exchange rate. If needed, you can check current exchange rates with currency converters such as oanda and


Opodo is the largest online tour operator in Europe. Get here the best deals for your next flight.
Find cheap flights and save on your holidays with thousands of flight and hotel options on
Compare and book flights at Ebookers. Get the best deals for your journey. Ebookers is part of Expedia group.
Matrix Airfare Search (ITA)
Simply find the best flight deals with this search engine. No sale, no booking, only results. The search option "See calendar of lowest fares" enables you to find the cheapest price in a 30-day period. Most budget airlines are not included in this site.
TEN TIPS to get the cheapest air tickets
With about 3 billion passengers enplaned yearly in the world and about 100,000 daily commercial flights, the air ticket market is a huge business. It is worth knowing how to get the cheapest air tickets.
When is the best time to book a cheap flight?
Airfares change continuously. When you are looking for the cheapest deals, it may help you to know the best time to book a flight.
When is the cheapest time to travel? High and low seasons in air travel
Airfares depend heavily on the time when the flight takes place. The most dramatic changes arise from the surge of demand in particular periods.
Airports far away from city center
Travelers would be well advised to compare airfares to different airports that serve their destination. However, some airports are located far away from city center. Find here a guide to those airports.
Low-cost long-haul flights
All about low-cost transatlantic and long-haul flights. The past and the present. Failures and successes.
Cheap one-way air tickets
Everything you should know about one-way flights: Why are they so expensive? How to get them at a cheap price?
Open-jaw and multi-destination air tickets
Everything you should know about open-jaw tickets, multi-destination air tickets, air pass, round-the-world airfares, and open-ended air tickets.
Visit the links hereunder for more information and tips about air travel.
Safe Flying
US Federal aviation administration : flying safe, flying with children, passengers with disabilities, flying with pets, and more tips.
Traveling with children
Traveling with children: advice and information from the US Transportation Security Administration.
Travelling with animals
Traveling with animals: information and advice from the European Commission.
Passengers' Rights
Consumer guide to air travel (airfares, delayed and canceled flights, overbooking, baggage, passengers with disabilities, smoking, and more): information and advice from the US Department of Transportation.
Air passengers' rights in the European Union
Passenger rights when travelling by air in the European Union: rights in terms of compensation, re-routing, and assistance from the airline (information and advice from the European Commission).
Air passengers' rights in the USA
U.S. Department of Transportation requires U.S. airlines to provide information on how to file a complaint with the carrier.
Black Listed Airlines
List of airlines banned within the European Union: the official list from the European Commission.
Traveling with a disability in the European Union
If you have reduced mobility, you have several guaranteed rights such as the right to assistance services, free of charge. You should have access to air travel like anyone else.
Traveling with a Disability in the USA
In the USA, Airlines may not discriminate against passengers because of their disability. In all flights to, from, or within the United States, airlines are required to provide passengers with disabilities many types of assistance.
Aerospace Medical Association
Health tips for airline travel, from the Aerospace Medical Association.
Traveling with pets
A European pet passport is available from any authorised veterinarian and must contain details of a valid anti-rabies vaccination.
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