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Willgoto is a travel directory that selects, assembles and sorts the best links for travelers. These links are sorted by destination country and then by theme. They supply you with information and services to plan successfully your trip anywhere in the world. However, Willgoto is much more than a mere travel directory.

Willgoto also provides you directly with plenty of tourist information mainly in the form of explanatory notes of the pictures that are posted under the heading "Pictures and travelogues" of many countries listed in the Willgoto site. So you find there both information and photos about the tourist attractions of the country you are interested in.

 In addition, Willgoto offers you online travel guides to some tourist destinations, mainly in the Indian Ocean and Asia.

From time to time, Willgoto also posts feature articles on various themes related to travel and tourism in the world (such as our very popular articles about air ticket booking and the most beautiful beaches in the world) as well as a few informative articles on some tourist attractions in Belgium.

Since April 2015, you have found two new entries in Willgoto site: "News in brief" and "Calendar of cultural and sporting events in the world". The first one reports major news in the world that may affect favorably or wrongly your trip. The second entry provides you with a calendar of cultural and sporting events in the world.

In addition, as from April 2016, Willgoto picks out and comments each week a nice picture of a tourist attraction in the world. Finally, since June 2017, Willgoto has brought various promotional and lastminute offers together in a single page that is permanently updated.

Let us go into detail about all this.

News in brief

Under this heading, Willgoto reports major news that may be of interest to travelers. The news concerns current or upcoming facts which may affect positively or negatively trips in various parts of the world. The topic is updated on an ongoing basis. So, visit regularly the page. See the latest news here.

Current deals, discount offers and promo codes.

 ! NEW !  For those who are looking for the discount or lastminute offers that are currently available from various operators in the travel market, Willgoto collects and brings them together in a single page that is permanently updated. The amount and the theme of these offers vary greatly depending on the circumstances.

Take advantage of the best deals available now in the travel market.

Calendar of cultural and sporting events in the world.

Here you find a calendar of the main cultural and sporting events in the world, including the most important festivals and carnivals. The calendar lists the events year by year until 2023. Keep it in mind when you plan your trip.

The most recent feature articles.

! NEW !  1. Our latest article deals with low-cost long-haul flights. While most of the low-cost flights were long limited to short and medium-haul, the recent development of low-cost long-haul flights is a dramatic change of the air transport market. This article completes our series of articles related to the best ways of booking cheap air tickets (see below).

2. In collaboration with the British Tourist Board (Visit Britain), Willgoto has posted a comprehensive series of articles about the many tourist destinations in the United Kingdom outside London. These articles deal, among others, with the English Islands, the Scottish islands, Britain's lakes, and various tourist attractions on the English coast, in Wales, Scotland and Belfast.

This travel guide was initially intended primarily for those who want to explore the United Kingdom beyond London, including those who choose to explore the country by sea or with one of the many cruises that call at British ports. In addition, we provide foreign tourists entering the United Kingdom by air with information about how they can get to the attractions in the countryside from airports! NEW ! 

However, month after month, it is developing into a complete travel guide to the United Kingdom. Additional articles about the attractions and cultural events in London and elsewhere in the country - among others, museums, festivals, and heritage -, about the pubs in the United Kingdom, the Scottish distilleries of Whisky, and, recently, the Lake District have been added to this series. 

More recently, Willgoto has also posted an article about South Woodham Ferrers (in Essex), one of the most pleasant places to live in Britain, and another article about "Coventry UK City of Culture 2021".

3. On the other hand, we updated early March 2017 the list of the countries that have been infected with Zika virus, which is of particular concern for pregnant women.

4. On behalf of a third-party site, we have also posted an amazing article about the best beaches of the French Riviera with nice pictures.

Online travel guides

1. Indian Ocean.
In partnership with the tourist offices of Seychelles and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Willgoto has posted online detailed travel guides to these destinations:
-- Seychelles travel guide, with splendid pictures
-- Madagascar travel guide with pictures from the tourist attractions of the island.
-- As for Mauritius, Zanzibar, Reunion Island, and Sri Lanka, our online travel guides take the form of extended comments of pictures from their numerous tourist attractions. In addition, as for Reunion Island, Willgoto offers you online a travel guide in French

2. Southeast Asia.
-- Detailed travel guides are also available online for China, Hong Kong, MacauVietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.
-- Our online travel guide to Myanmar and Cambodia are presented under the form of many pictures and explanatory notes from their numerous tourist attractions. As for Cambodia, these commented pictures come in addition to the abovementioned text travel guide. 
Photo Collections.

The Willgoto website contains many thousands of pictures - actually much more than 10,000 - from all parts of the world. These pictures come either from our partners (tourist offices and professional or recreational photographers who enjoy sharing their pictures with the users of our site) or from our own portfolio. 

They are posted mainly under the heading "Pictures and travelogues" of many countries, including Canada, USA, UK, France, Australia, South  Africa, Morocco, Bangladesh, and a lot of other countries that are listed in the Willgoto site. Many other pictures are shown as thumbnails you find to the right side of many pages of the Willgoto site. Click the thumbnail to see the photo in its original size.

! NEW !  The latest pictures that have been added to Willgoto are several nice pictures from New Zealand and from Poland. Their author is Dirk Wuyst (ADC scuba diving club Antwerpen/Deurne), whose site (in Dutch) contains also countless pictures from the marine life in the world.

Previous additions concern:
-- 120 pictures from the Cape Verde archipelago. They include pictures from the most popular islands such as Sal and Boa Vista which are famous for their beach holiday opportunities as well as pictures from other islands visited by tourists who are looking for cultural attractions or hiking holidays. Detailed information annexed to these pictures makes the series a complete guide to Cape Verde.
-- pictures from Brazil, more particularly Rio Grande do Norte (incl. Natal), Bahia (incl. Salvador), Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Pantanal.
-- pictures from Cuba (beaches, birds, and transport). 

The author of the pictures from Brazil and Cuba is Marie-France Grenouillet, a wildlife photographer. Visit her very nice web site and discover all her pictures.

Given the considerable amount of pictures scattered in different pages of the site Willgoto, we have set up alphabetical lists of pictures related to three themes that have particularly high amounts of images:
-- Birds from all parts of the world.
-- Fish and underwater life.
-- Wildlife from all parts of the world.

The picture of the week

! NEW !  Each week (actually about 3 times a month), Willgoto picks out a nice picture of a tourist attraction in the world and emphasizes it with appropriate explanations. The picture of the week is accessible from Willgoto's homepage. The link to the picture is just below the list of the countries. The pictures of the previous weeks are then archived and remain accessible. Find here all our "pictures of the week".

Travel-related feature articles.

1. A series of articles on cheap air ticket booking.

This series is highly appreciated by our users. It tells you everything you need to know in order to book online air tickets at the cheapest rate. It consists of four articles that answer the most usual questions about flight booking.

Hundreds of airlines operate in the world. Each destination is served by several of them with a direct flight or a connecting flight. The airlines have developed a so-called "yield management" strategy that enables them to optimize airfares in their own interests. Take advantage of our advice and get the cheapest air ticket.

-- How to buy online the cheapest air tickets?
-- When can you book the cheapest air tickets?
-- High and low seasons in the air ticket market: when is the cheapest time to travel?
-- One-way air ticket: how to get it at a cheap price?

In addition, Willgoto draws your attention to several airports which are located far away from the city they are named after. Often transfers to and from these airports take a lot of time.

2. A series of articles on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This series of articles - one of the most popular of the blog - aims to introduce you to some of the most beautiful seaside destinations in the world. It supplies you with both pictures and information about these destinations.  

-- The most beautiful beaches in the world.
-- The most beautiful beaches of Southeast Asia.
-- The most beautiful beaches of Thailand.
-- The most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean.

3. Three feature articles deal with multilingual and/or international search engine optimization, i.e. the ranking of multilingual or international sites in search engine results pages. Both articles are primarily intended for webmasters. If you are not a webmaster, still have a look at these articles and discover some of the secrets behind the search engine results pages.

-- Multilingual and/or international search engine optimization (groundwork): how do the search engines rank multilingual and international web sites? How can these sites optimize their ranking? NEW!
-- Implementation of multilingual and/or international search engine optimization: the case of travel and tourism sites. NEW!
-- SEO: how to know the geographic target of your competitors? & The most common mistakes in national and multinational SEO. NEW!

4. A series of articles on the activities of Google in the travel sector.

This series introduces you to the large travel operators in the world. In recent years, Google took large stakes in a large amount of travel activities ranging from air tickets booking and hotel reservation to cars without driver, carpooling apps, and many others.

Far away from its search engine activities, Google has become a direct operator of the travel market. This trend is not merely the matter of professionals of the industry. It has also several consequences for consumers. Some of them may be positive while the others are negative. The increase of the intermediation costs results sooner or later in a price increase or a quality decrease of the services. Read these articles if you don't want traveling idiot!  The articles are in French only.

-- Air ticket booking with Google.
-- Hotel booking with Google.
-- Users' comments of hotels and restaurants with Google.
-- Vacation rentals with Google.
-- Transport by car with Google.

5. Two articles dealing with the exploitation of personal data by Google search engine:
-- A first article explains how Google exploits users' personal data.
-- The second article examines whether VAT is due on the use of the engine due to the monetization of personal data.

New listings

You can find also the travel-related sites that have been recently added to the world travel directory. Currently, the directory has more than 60.000 links.


Articles about tourist attractions in Belgium.

As for Belgium, just like for other countries, Willgoto supplies you with tourist information through many pictures and related explanatory notes. However, a few additional articles deal with specific topics. Here is an overview of them:

1. A series of articles about the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium in June 1815.

This battle, known in the whole world, fixed the fate of Europe for decades. Waterloo, which is located about 20 km south of Brussels, preserves many monuments and remains of this famous battle. The troops of Napoleon Bonaparte were defeated by the allies, particularly an Anglo-allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington and a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard von Blücher. There were Belgians in the two sides.

Each year, this battle is celebrated with pomp by re-enactments. The festivities were especially spectacular during the 200th anniversary of the battle in 2015. Throughout the year, visitors from all parts of the world come and discover the battlefield of Waterloo and its famous Butte du Lion (Lion's Mound).

-- The battle of Waterloo: the major phases of the battle from June 16 to 19, 1815.
-- The reenactments of the battle, the museums and monuments in Waterloo: everything you need to know to visit the battlefield.
-- The celebrations of the bicentennial of the battle with practical information.

2. A series of articles on museums in Brussels and in the surroundings.

-- The Belgian Comic Strip Center: this museum is specialized in Comic Strip Art. It is one of the most popular museums in Brussels. The comic strip center is housed in a magnificent art nouveau building that is located not far from the city center of Brussels. The informative article is supplemented with nice pictures of the building and several comic characters such as Asterix and Smurf. Comic strip fans and art nouveau enthusiasts would not miss the Belgian comic strip center for the world.

-- Hergé Museum is dedicated to Hergé, the famous Belgian cartoonist. Hergé is the author of the “Adventures of Tintin” and other comic strips. Hergé Museum is located in the university town of Louvain-la-Neuve, 30 km south of Brussels. In addition to the article, splendid pictures of several characters such as Tintin, Captain Haddock, Snowy, and others are posted in the Willgoto site. You find also here several pictures from "The Adventures of Tintin - The secret of the unicorn", a 3D film directed by Steven Spielberg
-- Magritte Museum: this article, currently available in French only, introduces you to the museum dedicated to René Magritte, the famous surrealist Belgian painter. The Magritte Museum and the nearby Musical Instrument Museum are the most favorite museums with foreign visitors to Brussels. Both museums are located a 10 minute walk from the famous Grand place in Brussels. The Musical Instrument Museum is housed in a splendid art nouveau building. 

-- The Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels is worldwide famous for its gallery of dinosaurs. The Museum is family-friendly and organizes often activities for children.

The Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels periodically sets up also temporary exhibitions, such as the exhibition "Destination Mars" in 2011.  In addition, the museum has become known for Peregrine Falcon watching. Each spring since 2004, the museum gives people the opportunity to watch a couple of peregrine falcons that nest in the heart of Brussels at the top of a tower of the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in downtown Brussels. Two articles dealing with Peregrine Falcon and nice pictures have been posted in the Willgoto site in French and Dutch. 


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